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If you have been packaging in cans, or are trying to get started with it, you certainly are aware that there is now a serious can shortage. It is a worldwide problem that will likely be blamed, at least partially, on Covid19 but let’s face it we have eyes and can see that there are just a ton of craft beverage makers either brand new and packaging in cans, or switching over from bottles to cans.

Whatever the cause, it has created a terrific problem for can manufacturers that they will most likely remedy by ramping up production as soon “they can” (sorry, dad jokes are a standard feature here). In the meantime, you’re left to deal with the inconvenience of trying to source cans for your canning, where you can (OK, I’m starting to annoy myself.)

Here is a brief synopsis of how this shortage might affect your business, pitfalls to watch out for and ways we can help you achieve your end goal – which is to get your product packaged and turned into profit, because at the end of the day, that’s what its all about.

Changing boats mid-stream

Its never a good idea right? You have your MicroFilling line up and running with the cans your customers love and BAM!!! All of a sudden, the place you were getting cans from no longer has them available, and you’re forced to hunt around for a replacement. Be careful what you buy, as you might be on the verge of big problems.

Changing can or can end sizes, styles or even just changing manufacturers of the same exact sizes and styles, might cause your seamer to need readjusting (regardless of seamer brand) and if you don’t have the right tools and a good understanding of can seam inspection, which is actually pretty darned complicated, it can be a real problem for you. If you own a MicroBottler with a can seamer: we want to help, we’re always glad to inspect your seams for you.

Just ship us a few seamed cans full of your best product (a nice bitter IPA is always welcome) and we will drink it, cut the cans open, inspect the seams and let you know if they need adjustment and how to make those adjustments. OK OK – we’ll even do it if you ship them full of water, but we will give you a good social media shoutout if we like your product.

If you own one of our machines and you want to learn how to inspect your own seams, give us a call and we can help walk you through the process and point you to some help on the ol’ Google Machine so you can understand it yourself. We’re definitely “Teach a man (or woman) to fish” kind of people. And if teaching you to fish means you feel compelled to ship us your product for taste testing, hey – we’re not here to judge!

Keep your options open

So here’s the sales pitch right – the MicroBottler is THE ONLY option on the market that allows you to bottle AND can. So in the short term, why not just step back out of the fray and package in bottles. The beauty of the MicroBottler is that YOU DON’T HAVE TO CHOOSE!

Your customers want to buy your product, so why not sell it to them? Its really that simple, and your customers and distributors will understand, you are doing what needs to be done to keep you moving forward. Switching over to bottling temporarily can completely solve your distribution problem. When the can drought is over, you can switch back to cans, or maybe your customers will say, “You know, my dad was right, it does taste better out of a bottle.” 

If you haven’t bought a filling machine, yet then fear not the can shortage, it’s as simple as making the right choice in machinery right now. Buy a MicroBottler without canning now so you can sell bottled goods and then later, when there are plenty of cans to be had and you have made some money, you can add the can seamer. It’s a choice that “seams” so easy, I keep waiting for cave men to start calling. (Ugh, a rare Dad Joke Double)

If you have our MicroFilling solution already and you have reached a point where you need to be able to fill and seam different can sizes, either because your customers want it or because you just cannot get the stuff to do the 202 B64’s anymore, fear not. We are releasing Version 2.0 of our can seamer.

It uses standard Angelus tooling and has infinite height adjustability, so it works with all combinations of standard cans and ends, from 8oz 200’s all the way up to 32oz 300 Crowlers! We have taken everything we learned from the first version and made it so much better. We are actually pretty excited about it. 

Call us immediately for details, like right away, don’t even finish lunch just call now and talk with your mouth full, we won’t tell your mother. 518-747-0626