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With cold brew coffee on the rise, more and more coffee brewers are bottling their product.
Coffee connoisseurs are loving the variety of iced coffees and cold brewed coffees on the market, many of them coming from small, local coffee makers.

In a sense, coffee has become a popular craft beverage – much like beercider, and soda!

If you’re a coffee enthusiast looking to launch your own line of cold brew coffee, you’re going to need the right coffee bottling equipment and supplies to be successful. That’s where we come in!

Bottle Iced and Cold Brew Coffee Efficiently

At DK Advanced Technologies, we’ve developed a small scale beverage bottling line that works for a variety of craft beverages, including coffee! Our MicroBottler® – originally designed for small scale beer bottling – is perfect for bottling iced coffee easily and efficiently.

The MicroBottler® is the only bottler of its kind on the market.
Intended for small scale operations, it is compact in size yet incredibly versatile. It can accommodate bottles ranging in size from 6 to 25 ounces (750 mL), and can be easily adjusted to change between sizes and bottle types.

The MicroBottler® features an easy to use operation panel with a timer and can be easily operated by one person. It’s affordably priced and requires minimal maintenance, making it a great investment for new coffee brewers looking to enter the cold brew coffee market.

Cold Brew Coffee Bottling Machine Features

Some key features of the MicroBottler® that are especially helpful to those brewing — and bottling — coffee are:

  • Accommodates bottles of various sizes and styles
  • You can bottle with nitrogen or other gases with the MicroBottler®
  • Combines the bottling and capping processes on one bottling line
  • Can be paired with a number of add-ons and accessories to further simplify the coffee bottling process
  • Can be easily reconfigured
  • Can be operated by one individual
  • Requires minimal maintenance and upkeep!

Learn More About Bottling Cold Brew Coffee With the MicroBottler®!

Interested in learning more about how the MicroBottler® can help your cold brew or iced coffee bottling efforts? Find more details about the MicroBottler® here, or give us a call at (518) 747-0626 or contact us online!

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