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Customer Spotlight:

City Scape Winery

How they got started:

From Hobby to Lifestyle.

City Scape Winery was born in Greenville, South Carolina in 2009. Owners Josh and Deb Jones are the youngest winery owners in the southeast. Here is their story:

It all started on a cold, rainy day in the fall of 2009. Stuck inside with nothing interesting to do, the pair decided to confront the issue of “boredom” head on and started to think of some creative things they could do.

Their minds went to the thought of making beer, as plenty of their friends were pursuing this as well, but they didn’t want to be like everyone else. Well, “How about wine?” Being raised near the Finger Lakes wine region in New York, the pair grew to have a passion for wine over the years. 

Naturally, they turned to YouTube tutorials on the winemaking process to see if they were ready to commit to the process. After doing research, they decided they were ready to take the plunge. They found a local winery and winemaking supply store near their home in Greenville, South Carolina. They pulled up to “City Scape Winery” and were greeted by owners Wayne and Anita Tamme. Hours later, they walked out with the proper wine making supplies and their first winemaking kit. Little did they know that this action would change their lives.

Josh Jones, Co-Owner of City Scape Winery discusses how the Microbottler with MicroCork has helped their business grow in Greenville, South Carolina.


Here are a few things Josh felt were selling points for the Microbottler brought to you by DK Advanced Technologies.

  • Perfect for Small Winery

  • High Production Rate

  • Great Customer Service

  • Reliable Machine