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Customer Spotlight:

Windy Brew


A Sunday Kind of Love.

Michelle and Bill Snyder, owners of Windy Brew, opened this family-run business with a passion, a garage, and a love for beer.  Starting out with a beer kit as a gift, turned into buying a kettle and going into a full-grain brewing hobby. 

Windy Brew was founded on Bill’s love of home-brewing beer in the kitchen on a Sunday morning. After visiting a brewery in Ohio where patrons could brew their own creations, they wanted to bring this experience back to New York as a weekend hobby. They transformed their garage into a brewery with an addition for a taproom and opened in March 2017. In 2020, Bill was unable to brew due to an injury — he taught the current Head Brewer, Russ the ropes, and Windy is now fortunate to serve both their creations to their customers!

After 6 years of operation and surviving the pandemic, Windy Brew was looking to start something new. Following the success of their Strykersville location, the team at Windy Brew has recently opened a second location in Batavia, NY! They’ve transformed a 2500 square foot space into a brewpub, which features 16 beers on tap made and packaged in their Strykersville location.

The team have continued to transform Windy Brew into a unique Western New York destination with their small-batch, one-of-a-kind beers!

Check out the video for their story and see how the  Microbottler has transformed their process.