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ver·sa·til·i·ty /vərsəˈtilədē/


Having the ability to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities.

“The MicroBottler has amazing versatility.” Look at that. Right from the dictionary.

Let’s talk for a minute about versatility. Whether you’re a small craft beverage maker who is ready to start packaging, or one of the “Big Guys” looking for a way to package your lower volume products or samples without interrupting your big packaging line; you need to get your head around how versatile the MicroFilling line of products are before you decide what to buy. Let us delve more deeply into what makes our little machine the most versatile beverage packaging solution available on Planet Earth.


With most bottling solutions, you have to pick what type, and in most cases the exact size and style of bottle you want to package in. In the Bottling world it is not uncommon for a change in size or style, or even the type of cap- to require a “retooling”.

Retooling is code word for we send a guy out to your place to change it over. You pay the guy, pay for his travel, pay for his hotel, pay for all the parts (sometimes more than half the cost of the original machine) to get your machine changed over.

To add insult to your financial ruin, you must stand around NOT bottling, while this Tool “Retools” your machine. Then if you want to change back…. get the Tool back in here for another Retool….. I’m irritated just thinking about it.

But fear not… You’re smart. Once you hear how great the MicroFilling system is, you’ll make the right decision. Up until now you have only heard how lame our competitors in the bottling market are. So, compare that situation with the MicroFilling line of products.

STEP 1: You buy the MicroBottler, which is priced lower than most of our competitor’s right up front.

STEP 2: Then when you want to add or change bottle sizes, you buy our low-cost bottle totes (they are actually so simple you could probably make them) to fit your new bottles.

Yeah, no I didn’t forget a step. That’s really it. You just need a way to hold four bottles at the right spacing and you’re done.


Before I go on with how versatile our canning attachment is, I want to make it perfectly clear that I’m talking about THE SAME PIECE OF EQUIPMENT.

You can bottle and can with the same machine! This puts us in a class of our own here, there is nothing else that can do both. To switch from bottling to canning, all you need to do is thread off the bottle guides and thread on the can adapters for the size of can you want to fill. Adapters are available for 200, 202, 206 and 300 end sizes (that’s all cans).

You will need the correct size tote to hold the cans during the process, and you are all changed over from bottles to cans. With a little practice, you will make the ole switcheroo in less than 10 minutes.

And speaking of different sized cans, our new Version 2.0 seamer is the most versatile on the market. It uses standard Angelus tooling and has a simple height adjustment, so changeovers are straight forward, and our adjustments are easy to understand. It has infinite height adjustment, so it can seam cans they haven’t even invented yet!

So, combine the new seamer that does all sizes, and the simple changeover for filling different sized cans. Then mix in the fact that it can fill, and crown cap any size bottles and you have a machine that really is the most versatile on the market.